Art of embroidery

Art of embroidery can be practised on different kinds of pliable materials that can be pierced with a sharp needle such as silk, wool, cotton, linen and leather. Many synthetic threads along with gold, silver, silk and cotton wool are used to produce exquisite and rich looking embroidered products. Hand embroidery is usually done by holding a fabric in your hand with or without a circular frame. This circular frame holds the fabric in a stretched form.

Creativity is an art expressed by using different types of techniques such as beadwork, metal thread work, decorative thread work, appliqué work, patchwork, zardozi work, cutwork, etc.

Other materials such as pearls, quills, beads, shells, sequins, precious and semi-precious stones, are also used for embroidery.

The location of the design in the embroidery plays a critical role to give it an attractive and appealing look. Thread colour selection and material used for embroidery plays a vital role in the overall look of the finished product.

The designs used for embroidery reflect tradition and culture of the society. Embroidery is inspired from nature and environment. All types of fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, crepe, chiffon, georgette, satin, velvet and canvas are used for embroidery. Embroidery can also be done on on ready garments or cut fabric pieces as well.

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