Paris Runaway Fashion Diaries

A one of a kind runway in Paris with global fashion sensation Jessica Minh Anh where she transformed the world’s most iconic architectural wonder and the symbol of the fashion capital, the Eiffel Tower, into a 150-meter long outdoor catwalk on 31 October 2014. The  J Autumn Fashion Show 2014 was a history-making catwalk.

Eiffel tower being a symbol of the fashion capital was the inspiration for the entire collection with all attention to detail. All the fabrics were specially designed & all embroideries used in the making of this collection required 1115hours of production. A huge variety of fabric, beads & crystals were used during the designing process. In this collection, pure silk threads have been used along with Zari & Swarovski crystals. This collection exhibited the finest art of Moroccan embroidery.

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